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Drug Addiction Treatment Center For Pregnant Women

Any time a person needs drug treatment, it is very important. When the person needing a drug addiction treatment center is pregnant it becomes a huge priority. There are two lives on the line and the goal is to get them both healthy. Infants can be born with birth defects or addicted to drugs if their mothers use. It is crucial to break that cycle. In many locations, human services will mandate pregnant women to get drug treatment or they will lose custody when their child is born.

A lack of support while in drug treatment is tough, but it is even harder when you are pregnant. With that in mind, such a program is designed to offer plenty of support on all levels. Not just with the drug use but with the pregnancy and with overall life skills. The facility is also designed to offer conditions which are safe and comfortable for women at any point in a pregnancy.

Pre-natal care is part of this type of treatment program as well. At each of the appointments blood work will be conducted. This is to check on the well-being of the mother and the child. The blood work can also detect any use of drugs because they will be in the bloodstream. For the success rate of any pregnant mother, an in house treatment center is highly recommended. Outpatient treatment leaves too many possibilities that she can get access to drugs.

Being in therapy with other drug users as well as other pregnant women can be very helpful. These women can offer peer bonding and support for each other. They can ask questions and they can provide helpful information. They often forge a resource within themselves with regards to baby items too.

Many of the drug addiction treatment centers for pregnant women also involve a parenting skills portion of the treatment. This is to help increase the chances of the mother being able to care for her child successfully. Methadone may be given to help with reducing the withdrawals that come with no longer using drugs. It is one of the best used practices for helping women who are dependent on opioids and pregnant to stop.

In some of these programs, job training is also offered. The idea is to help them mother to reduce stress factors so she is less likely to go back to using drugs. With a child to care for, it is essential she can support them and care for the ongoing needs of a child. It is also important that she has a good support system in place.

The pregnant woman may be done with the program before the baby is born. In such a scenario they can be helped to secure housing and other community resources if they need them. In other scenarios the mother will have the baby while in the treatment program. In such a case the baby may remain at the facility with her until she finishes. Not all facilities allow that though and the baby may need to be cared for temporarily be someone else.

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