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What to do when your Pay Dates Change and you have a Texas Payday Loan

The terms and conditions of any Texas payday loan are legally binding once you sign on the line. You must read through them all before you sign to protect yourself and your rights. You may be agreeable with the terms but then something changes you didn't anticipate. One of those common changes is the pay date structure.

Maybe your employer has said pay dates are going to change from weekly to monthly. Maybe you changed jobs and now you get paid twice a week instead of just once a month. You want your payment plan with the payday loan lender to continue to be on track. If you have to wait due to changes in jobs, this can have you worried. You may have a lag between checks and you don't want that payment to become an issue.

The best way to handle this is to talk to the lender as soon as you know such a change will take place. If the change is with your same employer, as human resources to write you a letter. This should verify the specifics of the change and when it will take effect. The lender can put this in your file and modify the terms.

If the change is due to new employment, you can ask for a letter that states your hire date, when you will get your first check, and how often you are paid. You don't have to tell the new employer the letter is for a payday loan lender. You can just have them write it “to whom it may concern” if you would rather keep your loan private.

The lender doesn't want you to default on your loan any more than you do. By going to them directly as soon as you have a concern, there is more of an opportunity work through it. Most of them will rewrite your loan at that point. They will write up a new contract based on the balance still due and your new pay date structure. Just sign that new agreement once you have read through it and you can be on your way.

If you find a lender isn't being flexible, it is time to take other action. Consider talking to the manager of that location. If they won't budget, make a note to never work with them again. You don't need that type of negativity from any lender. Your next option may be to go to another lender and borrow.

Typically, that isn't a good idea but it may be in this type of situation. They can write the new cash advance loan based on the pay information you give them. They will start you out on track with that new pay structure for the pay dates. Take the money they give you and go pay off that other lender. Make sure you tell them you won't be back due to this issue and you will be leaving a negative review for them to warn other customers.

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